Friday, December 23, 2005

Who is there like Him?

But for me it is good to be near God
I have made the Lord God my refuge
That i may tell all of your works
Psalm 73:28

Who is there like God? Who else is life? Who else is a rock? Who else is a comfort in times of need? Who else is refuge? Who else is the glory of God? Who else would go to the grave for me? What else compares to the joy of fellowship with Him? What else is like knowing Him? What else is like serving Him?

The Lord is my refuge, it is the best thing to be near Him. With His breath in my lungs, with His rock under my feet i will not die, i can not fail. Nothing Nothing in life comes close to Him, to His word, to continuing in Him. Praise Jesus for who He is, for His obedience and love, for His self sacrifice, for everything he fought for on the cross, for being a personal, unchangable God. Yes! It is good to be near my God!

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thebluefish said...

amen! great to be reminded of that. thanx.