Friday, December 30, 2005

A Rush and a Push and the land is ours

So, i don't so much like being ill. I've got a bit of a rubbish 'flu/cold thing, which is making me feel generally poo. Still, at least i'm not the only one.
I'm guessing its due to the general lack of physical activity on my part, too much time in the cold wearing inadequate clothing watching football probably isn't helping, but at least it was worth it last night. (Cue quick chorus of 'Thats why we're top of the league') I'm off to Bristol at 10am tomorrow for our new years eve fixture there, they really pack in the fixtures over the holiday period.

But man, isn't prayer fantastic. I've not been having the most God centred week i think its fair to say, i've struggling with my quiet time and the things i set my mind on. But recently the Lord has really powerfully answered a prayer about something thats been on top of me for, well, a year and a half. It's so good! God is awesome. It was great to really come back to the Lord in prayer today...all i needed to ever do really! To talk to Him, to know He's listening, the let the Holy Spirit show me more of Him. It was ace. Also really enjoying John Piper's book, God Is The Gospel at the moment. A lot of the stuff in there has really made me think about what i believe about the gospel, and has reassured me. I'd never really today considered what the Holy Spirit being the third part of the trinity meant. He can't work independantly of the Father and Son, His job is to help us to look more and more at Jesus, that's how the Holy Spirit will change our hearts, by helping us to see that the greatest gift of the gospel is God Himself. Which is excellent beyond measure!
Thank God for His glory, in the face of Jesus Christ, which draws us all towards Him, that He has shone into our hearts.

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