Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Earth applaud Heavens sing

Man, i love the end of John gospel. I mean, it's all gold, but whenever i feel a bit down (and being home does seem to do me in sometimes) i go there, look at Jesus, and see, and rest. Its great.
I love the detail, the number of fish the disciples caught under the direction of the Lord, the way that Peter and John play the main roles, the atmosphere that is created while Jesus is on trial as Peter warms himself by the fire, Jesus calling Mary by name. Its just so refreshing. And this man, was the one that created the universe, became a man to bare our sins. Luke 2:11 tells us that Jesus was savior and Lord. Both at once. Still Lord as He dies on the cross, still Savior as he ascends into heaven.
Christmas is a great time for families and friends. For feeling warm and comforted by the closeness of the people around you. But lets not get distracted by the bonfire, when he have the sun to keep us warm. Lets remember what Christmas really means, that the Son of God came to earth as a man, to save us. Jesus Christ, son of God, savior of man, Lord of the Universe. Our God for evermore. Worthy of our lives.

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