Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve excitements

It must really be rubbish to have a birthday on Christmas eve. Tonight, i am off into Wycombe for a night out (for Marc's birthday) for the first time since Jess stayed in the summer. Now, this is not due to my lack of partyness you understand...i am the party...but simply due the terror of a night out in Wycombe, anyway, i digress. It should be good, lots of old RGS guys'll be out, i've already to spoken to a couple of 'faces' a haven't seen for ages and ages. So yeh, as long as we don't go to Here and Now, Time, O'Neills, or The Toad, it'll be good. And a real chance to Do evangelism like Jesus, i really pray i will, that i'll be a beacon for the Lord tonight.

People often say that Christmas is a time for celebrating...but what are you celebrating if its not the birth of the Lord? The King of the universe, a little baby, for you and me...amazing. I've been really saddened by somethings i've seen over the Christmas period this year, more offended than ever by people misrepresenting the message of the gospel, more frustrated by my sin than ever more excited about Emmanuel than ever, which hopefully is a sign of spiritual growth.

I've also managed to fill in two thirds of my Relay application form, which is cool, i've also heard the Lord tell me where He wants me to go, which is also cool. Its all good really. I'm looking forward to (God willing) getting out there next year, grabbing people for Christ, glorifying Him with the help of the Holy Spirit, and helping people towards Him. It's going to be exciting times!
Merry Christmas, and i pray God with us, is God with you this Christmas...Praise the Lord!

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Welshie said...

great stuff to read mate. happy Christmas. thankyou Jesus!