Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Nostalgia is a weird thing, friendships also. Its only recently it'd hit me how much i miss the guys from uni who graduated last year, like Dave, Arwen, Tim and Oli. Even guys who i didn't really know but it was cool to have around like Chris Hat and Sam.
Dave stayed at my place in Reading at the start of November, and i remember him getting nostalgic about some photos that Ceryn had given him on a CD. Friendship is so precious, it can be so fleeting sometimes. Dave's so special to me, he's like a brother, i went to see him in harrow a few weeks ago and it was just the best thing, great to sit and drink coffee with him all afternoon, talk about our lives, our friends and the Bible. Does that make us sound like girls?!

I don't know what it'll be like in June saying goodbye to all my mates. Even guys like Dave P, Drew and Jess who i know i'll be friends with for like, forever, guys like Nu and Bish and Annie and Heva and Tim...And second years like Andy and Tom, man, its gunna be sad. But pretty exciting also. But mostly sad right now!

I don't know what's bought this out of me. But there it is. God bless guys.


Welshie said...

ya big girl! (not that you nearly made me cry or anything...!)

yeah man it's weird innit. and you're right. friendship is precious. God given. praise Him!

FloydTheBarber said...

Hey man,
Glad you're still around making me feel young. Dunno where all that came from last night!