Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Falcon and The Antelope

Man, Christmas eve night was so good. I must've seen about twenty-thirty people from my year there, most of whom i haven't seen for ages. It was excellent, really, genuinely lovely to spend some time with some old friends, with some guys who have known me since i was 13. Great to see Marc again, to hear him and Ed talk about the same old nonsense they always have done, to be freezing to death in the middle of wycombe while we give him 21 birthday bumps (pretty much broke my wrist!) and to then sit and chat to people in the Antelope till two in the morning.

But i tell you what the best thing was...Being there, and being a Christian. Christmas eve saw me praying that i'd be able to lift up His name on my night...well, i tried. My friend was there, who's a guy i love dearly, who in his own words 'finally got himself to uni after two years of sitting in the pub', who formed the third part of 'The Unit' with me and Marc. Me and him got to talking about church, and about the Big Man, which was cool, and exciting. He was telling me how he always reads his bible at uni when he's stoned, and how he always wants to go to church more. I'm pretty sure i didn't do too good a job of explaining the gospel, but hey, 2 Corinthians 12:9, so it'll be ok. I am so thankful that the Lord has given me this oppotunity, that He called me to serve Him like this, that He is there with all the way. Me! A sinner like me! It really is unbelievable. So it was a good night, i saw some friends, had some fun, tried (failed) to represent Christ in all i did and said, shared the gospel with one of my oldest mates. Praise the Lord.
Please pray for him, i left him saying that 'those who seek will find'...i'd love him to find sonner rather than later.

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