Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Went to see Narnia today. I loved it, it was everything i hoped it would be. I thought the four children were perfectly acted, and i loved the voices of the beavers. Also, i didn't think the allegories were over played at all...the film was just very fiathful to the book. Its a dangerous business some of the churches are playing, as there's very little continual allegory in it at all...Jesus didn't do a deal with the devil for example, it isn't as if the enemy was a willing participant in the substitutionary element of the cross, and there's no suggestion that Aslan is angry at Edmunds betrayal... The cross is amazing, Jesus is in full control. Man, what He must've gone through for us. It just blows me away.

As my mother said on the drive home: 'the useful thing about that Toynbee woman is that she's always wrong' (!)

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postliberal said...

I'm rather sympathetic to the portrayal of the death as summit the devil was involved in...