Sunday, December 11, 2005

Seven Things

I knew Bish would's mine.

Things to do before i die:
1. Fly a plane
2. Get in trouble for speaking the truth about Jesus
3. Marry
4. Have Kids
5. Spend time abroad proclaiming the gospel
6. Write a book
7. Be part of a huge revival in my generation.

Things i can not do:
1. Play football like a combination of Thierry Henry and Steven Gerrard.
2. Sing
3. Play guitar
4. Paint
5. Score an important goal for Wycombe Wanderers and run, arms aloft, into the Valley End
6. Save myself
7. Be humble

Things i say most often:
1. Yo
2. Dude
3. Man
4. Is that ok
5. What does that mean
6. What does the bible say about that
7. The bible says

Seven Books i Love:
1. To Kill a Mockingbird, Harpur Lee
2. Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy
3. All Six Harry Potters, (even the fifth one) JK Rowling
4. Don't Waste Your Life, John Piper
5. Fever Pitch, Nick Hornby
6. Notes From a Small Island, Bill Bryson
7. The Heavenly Man, Brother Yung

Seven movies i can watch over and over:
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
2. Fight Club
3. Warriors
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. Fever Pitch
6. Men in Black
7. The Matrix Trilogy

Seven songs i currently love: (to keep the sevenness due to my lack of wife/gf)
1. Your Know You're Right, Nirvana
2. After The Rush Hour, Million Dead
3. Everyday, Tim Hughes
4. Love Song, The Cure
5. Biology, Girls Aloud
6. My Jesus My Savior, Hillsongs
7. New Pin, Oceansize

Seven people to do this next:
1. Tim
2. Ceryn
3. Kath
4. Sally
5. Lou
6. Dave Long (if he EVER blogs again)
7. ?


-bb- said...

not a bad 7 things u have listed above...
especially like what youve included in 7 things to do before u die thing!

thebluefish said...

You can't nominate Tim - Cat did that. And I nominated Ceryn.

Welshie said...

Bish you spoil all the fun...! ;-)

Yeah sorry mate i've done it! Nice one tho!