Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Grace in the Song

Song of Soloman 5:2 -8:4 is probably the longest single unit in the book. It's definitely the most beautiful. 

5:2-6:2 sees the bride resist her groom. He comes to door, He knocks, He calls. Her response? My feet are too clean to be dirtied, i'm too warm in my bed to be roused. When she finally gets up He's gone. Nowhere to be found. This complacency eventually stirs in her new feelings of passion and love for her beloved. New passions, new affections. Indeed Christ is distinguished among ten thousand men! (5:10) 

The in 6:3, the focus changes. The groom comes to the garden, to His bride. How will he respond to her rejection? How will He behave towards her? What will His response be to the bride who has finally roused herself?

All of grace. The covenant is still present (6:2), and the groom describes his bride as like Tizrah, like Jerusalem, like an army, He is overwhelmed by her. This is all of grace, this is all the initiative of the groom, this is all his heart being expressed towards his lovely, and loved, yet complacent and lazy bride. His love for her right now is about him, not about her. In fact, He is so gracious that he even uses the same terms to describe her as he had done previously. Goats, ewes and pomegranates...Again all of grace, all of him. And he goes even further in 7:1-9. This is beautiful.

And what of the bride? She is drawn in. She responds. She longs for a deeper, longer intimacy with him. (8:1-2). This last part, from 6:11-8:4 is forward looking. The brides comes to see if the garden is in bloom (6:11) she longs for this time of blossoming perfection in the perfect place with her perfect, gracious groom. 

So do we.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Snow at Adams Park

The coldest i've ever been at a game of football was in march, at home to Oldham. It was so cold i spilt some just boiled tea on my fingers, and didn't feel a think. I this picture is anything to go by, i reckon tonight would have topped it:

Of course, in North Carolina, people are wearing jackets because it's in the sixties.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

John and Paul

Paul Huxley and John Piper probably don't often get mentioned in the same breath. One of course is considered to be a leading voice in today's evangelical scene, known and loved by many, read and quoted by thousands...and the other is the Pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis. Both have written excellent articles on the upcoming (is there a difference between 'upcoming' and 'forthcoming'?) US elections:

There is a stench in America by the name of Roe vs Wade. And it's obvious because the Christians over there keep pointing it out. Unfortunately they're heading fast in our direction thanks to misguided Christians who think that voting for Obama is acceptable (note: I do not mean for one second that voting for McCain is compulsory)

Voting is like marrying and crying and laughing and buying. We should do it, but only as if we were not doing it. That’s because “the present form of this world is passing away” and, in God’s eyes, “the time has grown very short.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Still sailing

This morning and yesterday was 2:8-3:5. What i love about Daniel Newman's notes is how expositional they are...verse to verse, sentence to sentence, thought to thought. It's the only way to fly. Both my ESV notes, the MacArthur study Bible notes, Barry Webb in 'Five Festal Garments' (which is excellent, go and buy it) read the Song to be about man and woman, sex and love...about marriage.

The bridegroom comes to take the woman away to a better place, winter is gone, spring is here. The language is that of redemption, of new birth (cf Psalms 96 and 98). Christ comes to His people to take them away, to love them, to bring them to His perfect place. The groom doesn't want there to be anything to ruin their relationship, no foxes in the vineyard. The bride responds in what can only be described as covenant language...i am my beloved and my beloved is mine. That's right. That's beautiful. This day is yet to come, but until the day breathes and the shadows flee we wait longingly for Him to come.

The brides longs for and looks for her groom in 3:1-5. She finds him, she doesn't let him go, and brings him to the place of intimacy. We are to learn later that the city is dangerous, but the bride needs to be with her groom. Would that i had such fervour to be near Christ.

To me, at the moment, the Christ and the church reading of the Song seems to make more sense, to be deeper than the 'man and woman' reading. That's not to say that we can not learn, and express much about human relationships though the Song. Of course we can. Soloman surely would have had an eye on both. I just struggle to believe that the wisest man in the Old Testament didn't have an eye on the bigger, better, eternal covenant, when writing about the one between a man and a woman. 

On a personal note this reading of the Song warms my heart, and untaps a flow that is often short of water. I love Jesus. Lots, but i often struggle to live and act and pray and fight within a 'Jesus loves me' model. Does that make sense? 

It's right and true and glorious and Biblical that Christ died on the cross to show the world he loved His Father, to demonstrate the righteousness of God. Thats true and i want to build my life on these truths. That God's primary concern is for His own glory is the definition of the love of God. But, something else. Christ loved me and gave Himself for me. Me. Edward James Northey Goode. He loves me. Just like i love that Psalms because they give a vent to my ineloquent attempts to verbalise my love for Christ, i'm coming to love the Song, because it helps me believe that 'though my face is dark because the sun has shone on it', Christ loves me. 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Why i like my job

Well one of the reasons anyway.

Yesterday between 1930 and 2000 i was preaching, urging people to trust nothing less, nothing else, nothing more than the grace of God for their salvation. I think it went ok.

Today between 1930 and 2000 i was with the teen group, helping to stuff 150 bears to send to an orphanage in Bulgaria, listening to them talk about Aragon (freakin awesome) and Emma Watson (duuuude). 

I like how different those things are, and the broad spectrum of activities that church life gets you into.

Anyhoo, i'm going to watch Top Gear.

The Brady duo

Matt Brady is an English, former professional football player. he signed for Wycombe Wanderers from Boreham Wood at the start of the 99/2000 season and left at the end of the 00/01 season. He scored three goals for us, one at home, and away at Preston North End and Wrexham. He signed for Crawley Town when he left Wycombe, then went to Windsor and Eton before moving to Scotland for his job, where he played semi pro football. I liked him. He had a nice beard and a useful right foot.*

Tom Brady is an American, American Football player, who plays Quarter Back for the New England Patriots. Last season as the Pats went unbeaten all the way to the SuperBowl, where they lost to the New York Giants, he threw a record number of touchdown passes. He was drafted from Michigan Wolverines in 2000, and was sportsman of the year in 2004 and 2007. He's won the SuperBowl three times, and is currently out with a knee injury. 

They are definitely different people.

Last night, when i was preaching on Titus 2:11 (yummy) i tried to use an American football analogy when talking about the ambition of sin. I wanted to point out that small sins want to be bigger sins, just like every third string quarter back wants to be a better, more successful quarter back.

I meant Tom Brady.

I said Matt Brady.

I felt very stupid when someone pointed this out to me this morning!

* i didn't have to look any of this up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Setting sail in the Song

Today i started reading the Song of Soloman in my quiet times. I've just finished Matthew, where i've slowly been since the middle of March... It's been a great ride, but before the new year and the new church reading plan hits, i wanted to spend some time in the Old Testament.

Mark Driscoll has, of course, just started to preach through the book at Mars Hill, taking the meaning of the book to be the face value 'man and woman, sex and marriage meaning'. And fair enough, he's got a much bigger brain and a much quicker spirit than i have, but i'm not totally sure i'm on board with his take on it. So that was the other reason for spending some time in the Song, using Daniel Newman's notes to see if i could discern what it is about. Of course this is aside to the reason Christians read the Bible each day, to meet Jesus, to warm the heart and inform the mind.

I guess my starting thoughts are these:
The book is about Jesus somehow, the question is how.
Christ and the church came first, not marriage, therefore Christ and the church should come first in every illustration, probably.
How is the book about Christ if it's about sex and marriage first?
What did Soloman think when he was writing it?

I read from 1:1 to 2:8 this morning. It was great. I love the way the man and the woman express their love for eachother, and it is quite exciting to be able to express our love for Christ in that expressive way. That we could have that freedom to be able to articulate our love for Him and His for us like that. The illusions to the temple and the Garden are many in the first chapter and a half. But then so are the illustrations to support a man and a woman reading. These are two people very much in love!

So it seems so far, that whatever your view is of the book, there is enough to support it. But i think there will be enough to draw conclusions one way or the other. Mark Driscoll's series is well worth listening to, whether or not his reading of the book is right, it's still packed full of wisdom and great advice. I'm looking forward to tomorrow...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A hymn of grace

We sung this in church this morning. It was wonderful to be surrounded by so many people just belting it out. It wasn't the first time i'd sung it, but i think it was the first time i really, really really grasped how wonderful, gracious and true the first verse is. I dare not trust the sweetest frame, but wholly trust in Jesus name. You know what, there are a million things around that we are asked to believe in, millions of functional savours from funtional hells. But, instead of them, trsut Jesus, whose blood will never fail. Also, i love the first verse, because it reminds me that all i can is lean. Thats all, i bring nothing, i have nothing, i offer nothing, all i can do is lean. Simply lean on Jesus and trust His blood:

My hope is built on nothing less
Than Jesus’ blood and righteousness;
I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
But wholly lean on Jesus’ name.

When darkness veils His lovely face,
I rest on His unchanging grace;
In every high and stormy gale,
My anchor holds within the veil.

His oath, His covenant, His blood
Support me in the whelming flood;
When all around my soul gives way,
He then is all my hope and stay.

When He shall come with trumpet sound,
Oh, may I then in Him be found;
Dressed in His righteousness alone,
Faultless to stand before the throne.

On Christ, the solid Rock, I stand;
All other ground is sinking sand,
All other ground is sinking sand.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Race: I get it wrong

There are three reasons this video is worth 181 seconds of your time:

1) James and Jess, two members of The Race are faithful members of Reading Church, often arriving early doors to set up the PA

2) It's littered with Reading landmarks, which is nice, because i've started to miss Reading recently, even the funny way the air smells.

3) It's flipping excellent. The sliding guitars break my heart.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The law of the Lord

In a few short verses the law of the Lord, the Word of the Lord is described as:

Wise making
Joy enabling

More to be desired that gold, even much fine gold. It's the last one that challenges me and gives me hope. More to be desired that gold. The truth of the words of the Bible in my bag right now is worth more than everything i can see around me, or everything i could ever buy. These words challenge my heart, clean my spirit, open my eyes and feed my soul. And David here talks (probably) of just the first five books. He would have had nothing like the revelation of Christ that we have today. I need not just to view Matthew and Romans and Galatians as perfect, reviving and joy producing, but Leviticus and Numbers as well. And I should want them more.

I can't just read the Bible to tick a box, i need to seek out Christ in every page. I can't just read it for information, i need to have my eyes opened to the light within the pages. I can't just read with my eyes open, but pray that the Holy Spirit would open my heart as i read... 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On the Gospels

The Bible is about Jesus. Every book, from 1 to 66, He is the hero, He is the focus, He is the champion. So wherever you read the Bible, you're going to be reading about theory at least.

I think there is something though, about reading the Gospel accounts themselves. Not in a red letter Christian kind of a way, or really even in a 'let Jesus speak for Jesus' way, but just to see Him, to hear Him and look at Him. Not that we can't do that in all 66 books, but it's good just to sit and read the Gospels. Good to read about the last supper, or the transfiguration, or the sermon on the mount, and then speak to Jesus, the same Jesus now invisible as then, visible.

Since March i've been read Matthew, ever so slowly, with a commentry. I've never done my quiet times like this before, and it's been mostly helpful. It's been great to just rub my face in one book for a year rather than simply rushing from passage to passage. And good to spend each morning with Jesus. Of course. Anyway, this has turned into a series of rather unconnected thoughts, so i'll end it with a Spurgeon quote, which amde me think this in the first place:

Consider his greatness, and I again remind you that the blessing comes only by consideration. I may speak to you this morning about the greatness of my Master, but I shall not succeed in fully declaring it. I am never more vexed with myself than when I have done my very best to extol his dear name! What is it but holding a candle to the sun? What are my lispings compared with the loud acclamations which such an one as he is might well expect from those who love him? You must carefully consider, or you will miss the blessing.

It will not be enough for you to hear, or read; you must do your own thinking, and consider your Lord for yourselves. You may even read the Bible itself without profit, if you do not consider as well as read. The wine is not made by gathering the clusters, but by treading the grapes in the wine-vat: under pressure the red juice leaps forth. Not the truth as you read it, but the truth as you meditate upon it, will be a blessing to you. "Read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest." "Consider how great this man was."

Shut yourselves up with Jesus, if you would know him. "Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast." In Christ there is shelter, and the more you consider him the greater your peace will be. Come and lay your finger into the prints of the nails, and thrust your hand into his side. Commune with the personal Christ, who ever liveth; and evermore "consider how great this man was."

Sunday, October 12, 2008


1) I loved...loved meeting at church every night this week. It was just wonderful to be there, using the building for what it was built for monday thru wednesday, and then at Five Points on Thursday and friday. I can't remember the last day i didn't go to the building either for work or worship, but that's a really good thing.

2) Special music is when a person or group sing during the offering. I really like it, as long as i'm worshipping rather than just listening. On thursday night two older ladies stood up to play and sing (and i mean older...they may have been around when the dead sea had chest pains) a country gospel song on a tinny piano was too cool for words. I hope i'm singing about the cross when i'm that old

3) Pirate Facebook. I just watched a Bewitched Portrait of Carson, Piper and Keller.

4) The aforementioned Bewitched Portrait

5) Arranging to have lunch with a junior high guy on wednesday. 'I'm gunna bust in there and teach the Bible'. Galatians 1 here we come.

6) 'You Can Change' by Tim Chester. I can not fathom the cover for the life of me, but you must read that book.

7) 'i believe i'd cheer for Russia before i cheered for Notre Dame.'
'well i'd cheer for France before i cheered for UNC'

Friday, October 10, 2008

A delayed update

Well that was some week.

October is turning out to be some month.

The reason i've not blogged for nearly a week is that i've simply not had time to. Sunday was Homecoming, one large morning service followed by lunch in the fellowship hall, and the next three days we had our Fall Revival, which basically meant we met for church three nights a week instead of one. It was a really cool time. I quite like having church every night. Anyway, it did all mean that i left home before eight each morning, and by the time i got back at about ten pm it was all i could do to get into bed and fall asleep. But there's something satisfying about going to bed when you've been working long days. This week was also when we started in earnest the application process to be sent to Bulgaria. Denominational life is new to be, and can be very frustrating, but overall, i like it!

Tonight and last night i went with Rachel's dad to Five Points Church, where he is preaching their revival. This is probably the coolest located church i've ever been to. It's about fifteen minutes in any direction from the nearest town but two or three times a week about seventy people gather for worship and instruction. It's neat.

Alongside all this October sees our operation Christmas child kick off, as we endeavour to send 140 shoe boxes of Christmas gifts to children in Bulgaria, operation saturation, a saturday morning door knocking scheme aimed at reaching 1500 houses in October, the Carolina crisis pregnancy dinner, the Family Missions Day to Suffolk, Virginia and various fund raisers for our teens mission trip to France over easter, these are busy busy days in rural North Carolina.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Titus 2:3-5 (3)

The third part of my script from wednesday night

But why are these things important? Surely once we’ve saved we can live as we want? Well Paul tells us the reason this is so important at the end of verse five. Older women are to teach in this way, and younger women are to live in this way so that ‘the Word of God be not blasphemed’. The Word of God is the cornerstone of any church worth the name, the Word of God is to be listened to, obeyed and revered. The life changing affect of the Word must be reflected in our lives so that we may attract the unsaved to the Gospel. If people in the church look no different to those outside the church, what does that say to non Christians about the power and reality of the Gospel? In Matthew 5:16 Jesus commands His followers to ‘let you light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in Heaven’. We must live in a way that the Word of God is not blasphemed so that when people look at us, they want Jesus.

I think it is impossible to over emphasis the importance of the Word in the life of individual and corporate Christians. Therefore if we take this text to it’s logical conclusion it is impossible to over emphasis the importance that a holy, modest, Christ exalting lifestyle has. I don’t want to live a Bible based life, I don’t want to go to a Bible based Church, I don’t want to be a Bible based preacher…I want my church, my life and my preaching soaked in scripture. But that means that my life, and our lives must reflect the values and character Paul talks about here. For the Glory of God in His Word, and for those on the outside looking in…

Friday, October 03, 2008

Titus 2:3-5 (2)

The second part of my script from Wednesday night

And we see the results that Paul expects to see in the lives of the younger women which will result in good in the lives of the rest of the members of the church. The younger women are taught to love their husbands, and love their children, to be discreet, chaste keepers of homes. Paul expects the older women of the church to teach the younger women in the church how to be good wives and mothers. Isn’t that outrageous to our modern and post modern ears? But this is what the Bible calls for. For women to be loving, modest, Godly mothers and wives. There are seven things that Paul calls on they older women to teach the younger women, all of which complete this picture.

Firstly she is to love her husband. This is not a love based on the man’s worthiness but based on a commitment by the woman to love him and stand by him. This love is willing, determined love based on God’s commands for wives to love their husbands. I think that young Christian marriage is one of the greatest testimonies to the Gospel there is to my generation, and it’s the older woman’s responsibility to teach and model it, and the younger woman’s responsibility to throw off the shackles of culture and partake in it.

Secondly, women are told to love their children. This love will be, almost be definition a selfless and sacrificial love, one that again grows from an understanding of the Lordship of Christ in every area of life, one that again is a great testimony. This love is demanding as it will need to include every physical and spiritual need. This is the sort of love that Timothy would have experienced from his mother and grandmother that we read of in 2 Timothy 1:5. And, as we can see from Timothy’s life, what great fruit can come from the endeavor of a mother. These women are also to be discreet, the same quality that Paul calls for from the Elder and the older man. This good judgment in all matters should be something that is apparent in all believers, young or old.

The fourth quality called for is for the women to be chaste. This word means moral and sexual purity. It means marital faithfulness, it means to opposite of almost everything that young women are told to be by the media today. Paul calls on the young women to be chaste rather than lustful, chaste rather than causing men to lust after them, and chaste rather than pursuing sexual relations outside marriage.

Fifth, women are called on to be keepers at home, and this is probably the Biblical command under most attack from feminism. There’s nothing in the Bible that says that women shouldn’t work outside their homes, in fact this church is packed with women who work and are great, Godly, mothers and wives, but scripture is clear that a woman’s first responsibility is to her husband and children, that this is her highest calling. And what a high calling it is. There is nothing innately inferior about keeping a home than working in an office. The responsibility of looking after a husband and raising children is a high and holy one, and it’s a great shame that so many in my generation look at it with such distain. One commentator puts it like this: ‘the home is where the wife can provide the best expressions of love for her husband. It is where she teaches and guides and sets a Godly example for her children. It is where she is best protected from abusive and harmful relations with other men… The home is where she can find authentic and satisfying fulfillment both as a woman and a Christian.’ The next quality called for is that the young women be good, the meaning of which is fairly obvious.

Lastly, young women are to be obedient to their husbands. One thing I love about marriage, one thing that excites me more than most other things about getting married is that husbands and wives get to be a picture, an illustration of Christ and the church. Christ is the head, in charge, leading, protecting loving and giving Himself up for His bride, the Church. And as Paul says in Ephesians 5:24: ‘therefore as the church is subject unto Christ so let the wives be to their husbands in every thing’. I can’t wait to get married, because I can’t wait to live out Christ’s relationship with the church. This is our privilege.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Power of Words and the Wonder of God

Some parts of my job are literally thrilling. Studying and preaching the Bible, and seeing the light in someones face the first time they understand the Gospel would be three of those thrilling things. Some parts of my job are a bit more mundane, such as putting church calenders inside 1500 guest packets this morning. But that was ok too, because i got to listen to two messages from this years Desiring God Conference.

Mark Driscoll's was amazing. I can't really get over his passion and joyful humility. His topic was 'How sharp the edge? Christ, controversy and cutting words' Feed the sheep, rebuke the swine, shoot the wolves, bark at the dogs and pray for the shepards.

I also listened to Bob Kauflin on 'Words of wonder: what happens when we sing'. I was really challenged and encouraged by this...and especially enjoyed the signing!

Titus 2:3-5

Part one of my script from last night

Well our journey though Titus has already had us look at the qualifications for the Elder of the church, and older generation of men in the church. We’ve seen that those qualifications, those standards are high. We’ve seen that Paul wants Titus to build a stable church around holy people. We’ve seen, by implication that for any church to be prosperous in the Lord it needs men who are like this. Tonight, in verses 3-5, Paul turns his attention to the older women in the church, to detail what he expects from them, and what the church needs to look for in them.

As ever, the Word of God is central here. We see in verse one that this character is to be produced by the teaching of sound doctrine, and we see at the end of this passage that the reputation of the Word is why our conduct is so important to Paul. It’s inevitable that anyone who preaches on the subject of Biblical womanhood is going to say some things that are considered out of date and unpopular. But that doesn’t bother me at all, I’d far prefer to hold to Biblical values that modern ones.

We see in verse three that there are four qualities that Paul expects from the older women in Titus’s church, the first of which is described as ‘in behavior as becometh holiness.’ The older women in the church are to promote holiness by their living, actions and speech in the church. They are to be a great example to those who look up to them. They are to be women whom the younger members of the church can look up to. The word described here as ‘becometh holiness’ is only used this one time in the New testament, and has the root meaning of being priest like. Here is clearly describes the quality of holiness in all of life, a holiness that means others want to draw nearer to God as they view the older woman.

As a result of their holy way of life, the older women are expected to not be false accusers. To not be slanderers. Not to spread gossip that spreads and destroys like wildfire. If the older, holier, more revered members of the church are behaving like this, what chance to the younger members have? The older women in the church are not to be slanderers, but, if they really are in behavior as becometh holiness, they will love truth, and want to speak it into all situations. One of the most common titles scripture gives to Satan is ‘the accuser’. The message here from Paul is clear. False accusations and slander are demonic and have no place ion the life of the church, certainly not from the older members of the body. When we have problems with each other we are to follow Matthew 18, not the world. It should strike us as to how serious our false accusations are when they can get us put in the same class as the Devil himself.

Finally women are not to be given to much wine, that is, they are not to drink and put alcohol in the place of Christ for comfort and release.

They are also to teach good things. This is the final quality that is mentioned by Paul for the older lady in the church, and the first positive one. The older women are to teach good things. They are to be able to teach what is noble and right. They must be able to teach, either with words, or by example. The older women, having fulfilled the responsibility of teaching their children in the way of the Lord, now have the opportunity to teach the younger women in the church to be the same way. We see from this that the high standards set for the women of the church are not just ends in themselves, but they have a reason behind them. The older women of the church are given a great responsibility here to hand over the baton of their love and experience to the next generation. Whether this is in a formal teaching setting, like we might do in the Bible study or a Sunday School class, or whether in a more informal setting the text isn’t clear, but the point is. While scripture is clear that women can not teach men, it is equally clear that older women have a responsibility to teach younger women, and younger women have a responsibly to listen.

RUCU Video

It's more or less impossible for me to over emphasise the debt i owe to UCCF in general and to Reading University Christian Union in general. There i learnt to love the Lord, love the Word, love the Church. I can't think if three better things to learn while at university. Oddly, given that October in North Carolina is like August in Reading, i really miss it. Accordingly, i love this video.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October is for Freshers

It's October again, which means that soon new fresh faced freshers will be flodding Reading University and others around the country. Although locations and trends may change, truth and the neccesity of living and speaking for Jesus doesn't, so, it's with a hopeful heart i repost my 'advice for Christian freshers' that i originally wrote this time last year:

Get involved in a local church
The church is the hope of the world, the church is where you’ll meet God’s people, learn from His Word and reach out to those in the community around you. It’s easy to hide in a student bubble for three years…but this is where you’ll be spending the majority of your next three years, go get stuck in! Join a cell group, serve on a Sunday morning, be generous in your giving.

Find your Christian Union
CUs are student lead mission teams there to reach out the students on campus. They are supported by staff to support and envision you about doing on campus mission. They are a great place to get equipped and strengthened to live and speak for Jesus on Campus

Don’t hide in a Christian ghetto
As important and true as the above are, you won’t meet many non Christians at church or CU. So make sure you make the time to spend with them. Get to know the guys on your corridor, you’ll be living with them for a year and they’re the most likely people you’ll be living with in your second and third year as well. Get involved in a club or society. Be a Christian in all areas of your life.

Work hard
God is glorified by excellence amongst His people. So do your degree to the glory of God. It’s sometimes easy as a student (perhaps especially at Reading!) to end up seeing your degree as just something you do in your spare time. But don’t less this happen. Your degree is primarily why you’re here, so do it well and do it for God. Get to know people on the same course as you.

Eat well, sleep well
This will help you to study and live more effectively. Your body belongs to God, treat it well. The next few weeks could be the busiest and most emotionally exhausting of your life, so rest well, eat well and live with a clear head.

Think about 2012
It’s easy as a student to think in one year blocks…the world doesn’t work this, so think about what you’ll do when you finish. Makes God’ will and being settled in a good church paramount in your thoughts, don’t spend your life chasing a bigger paycheck, spend it pursuing the glory of Christ.