Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The beauty of the truth

Get this, right. Jesus, through, by and for everything was created comes to earth as a man, and allows Himself to be broken, to shed blood on a cross.
Why? Why would He do this? He who sustains everything in nature, from the smallest photosythesising plant, to the largest burning star? Colossians 1 tells us it was so that we might be reconciled to Him, and presented before Him holy, blameless and above reproach. This is what Christ wants for us, He wants us to be living in the truth, ready for what Piper calls 'that great and fearful day', but He knows we'll never do it on our He provides the means for us. Even when He does things that are, on the sufrace' for us', they're still all about Him, His power and glory. His mercy.
There is surely no other word to describe the truth of the gospel. Let's let it change our hearts, again and again.

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