Monday, December 05, 2005

The Unity of the Cross

Really enjoyed studying the end of Ezekiel 37 with Bish on Friday afternoon. Now, I will admit I am not the most theologically knowledgeable person, but we covered one aspect of the cross that had previously escaped me completely.
In the passage, the houses of Judah and Joseph are prophesied about. They are in exile at the time and they are told that they will be reunited, and that they will be bought back into their homeland. Reunited. Under 'my servant David who shall be King over them'. I've always thought it was great the way that Christians from all over the world could come together and work for the Lord's glory. How I can feel equally at home with Christians in India, Bulgaria, Reading and Bourne End, i've always thought it was great. But I never really appreciated why there was such a love between believers. Its because of the cross which has given us peace (v26). How cool is that? The cross unites believers, it gives us fellowship, family, peace...all that good stuff. It destroys all the things that provoke disunity between men like pride, jealousy and anger. It humbles us, and brings us together in praise.
Buts thats not it according to this. God will make His dwelling place with us (v27) God, with us. Living with us, in us. His spirit in us. This must have been amazing to hear as an exiled Israelite...its amazing to hear here and now. The cross is amazing, it does everything!

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