Saturday, December 10, 2005

These words...this life...mean everything to me

Totally cool song line from track two of the debut Emery album (The Weak's End), i meant to buy the 2nd one (Studying Politics) but HMV Reading didn't have it...Boo! Mind you TWE is excellent. So yeh, even though they're not Christians i thought i'd steal their lyrics and make them about the Big Man. I love the times when His words and His life DO mean literally everything to me, they're the best, but far too few and far between...They should mean everyhing to me. My mind was suitably blown by Kath's Emmauel post. Well, not the actual post you understand, but the point behind it...God...with us...its amazing.

So i'm home for Christmas now, just had news that my dissertation oral is going to be Weds afternoon week 2. This news could not be worse, but in usual Ed fashion i'm going to put it out of my mind for as long as possible. I kinda know what i'm going to say anyway... Hopefully these holidays will see me blog my thoughts on Collosians (much easier at home than in the uni library) finish some books, start some other books, get my head around Mark's gospel...

Found a load of stuff about the death of Kurt Cobain last night, which i'd forgotten i'd spent about 6 months of my life on when i was 15/16. The short version of the story is that i'm just not sure he killed himself, the longer version involves police incompetance, contradictions of logic, inconsistencies among other things. What i think four years later, and more to the point whether i even care it something of a moot point...

Stil,l supper's on the table (i'd rather it was on plates but there you go) so thats it from me for now (sighs of relief all round)

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