Friday, December 16, 2005

Blog Spotting

I'm really enjoying/ being challenged by Rob Wilkerson's Miscellanies on the Gospel at the moment.
His recent post on Media and the Gospel, as directed from Bish's blog, has really made me think, and even stopped me watching Jonathan Ross this evening (i normally ^heart^ Ross, but tonight, maybe even from now on...too much)
Also, Ceryn mentioned my blog as she exapanded on the theme of friendship, so i can only return the favour! But seriously, her passion for the Gospel is so evident just from a conversation with her, and this shines through on her blog. Go see. Keep it up man, praise the Lord.
Meanwhile, the aforementioned Bish probably managed to challenge every single CU leader he disciples with this post.
He's right though. The gospel is serious stuff, and i don't imagine Edwards spent too much time high fiving people or rode too many ironing boards down his stairs. My normal excuses at this stage would be that 'i'm only a kid', but i'm not, i'm twenty, or that 'i've only been a Christian 3 and a half years'...yeh? And what? I'm thirsty for knowledge of the Lord, but i'm very conscious that knowledge in itself is not enough. I could read all the Piper books/Edwards sermons/theology blogs in the world and it would mean nothing on judgement day unless they change my heart by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I managed to attempt to share the gospel with my Dad this week as well. Now, my dad was bought up in a Christian home, and i know/think that he met my Mum at York Uni CU, or that they were at least involved in it at some stage, so he must've had some faith once....but now? This challenges me. I believe that once we are saved we are always saved, but then, think of the grain that falls amongst the thorns. So, please pray for me and my dad, that i might be brave and clear, and find my security only in Jesus, and that my dad might have his heart softened as he goes to his third carol service this month (hopefully) on sunday. I just want him to find the love, the joy, the hope that there is in Christ Jesus, to have eternal life.

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Rob Wilkerson said...

Ed! You're the man, bro! Thanks for the encouragement, and praise God for the maturity in your life.