Monday, June 16, 2008


1) Starbucks with Tim for the last time. Great to end with the challenge to 'not waste our minas'. Great that Jesus made it unflinchingly to Jerusalem. Great that his revolution wasn't an earthly one.

2) 'Through the gates of splendour' by Elisabeth Elliot. Probably impossible to read that book and not be moved by it.

3) The last student bar-b-q of the year at Scotts house. As it began so it ends. Probably a good thing the water pistols didn't work in the end!

4) Euro 2008 comes alive. 'we are going to have to readjust our parameters of whats possible in a game of football'

5) Thank yous and goodbyes

6) 'yet i tell you, the least in the Kingdom of Heaven will be greater than him'. Desiring spirutual greatness with all my heart more than worldly greatness.

7) Great, long hearty and helpful conversations with my helper. 362 days to go...

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