Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I once was blind

Luke 18:9-19:28 seems to be about sight. Some people can't see Jesus, some can. Those who can, can because Jesus opens their eyes.

So what do the disciples, the blind man and Zacchaeus have in common? None of them can see. The disciples hear of Jesus imminent death, but the meaning is hidden from them, so they can't see. The blind man is blind, his lack of sight is obvious, Zacchaeus can't see, because (and when i discovered this i actually said 'wow' out loud) he was too short and had to climb a tree.

Eventually all three people/groups see. The blind man and Zacchaeus straight away, the disciples when Jesus rises and explains. This sight belongs to Jesus, He will impart it on those who faithfully seek. Also Zacchaeus was rich which proves the rich young rulers problem earlier on was not simply that he was rich.

I love Luke's Gospel. Luke is so clever at arranging material to show us who Jesus is and how we must respond. I don't think me and the doctor would be best mates, i'm far too messy for him i would imagine, but from the pages of his Gospel i admire him from afar.

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