Thursday, June 26, 2008

Missions are good, no?

Just got this email from a friend spending her summer in northern Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is going well, it is sooooo hot lately. and I think it's made me a little sick, but I'll be alright. I'm living with a girl named xxxx who is a Christian. She got saved in Tim and Lydia's church about 7/8 months ago. She used to be a party girl, I'm talking every night at the club, it's amazing to see how much she's growing. The first week I was here she showed me all of the clothes you loves but can't wear anymore, they were pretty slutty, AND she used to go "monokini" at the beach, which means topless. She's super fun, but yesterday I took her to the train station because she's leaving to go and work at the sea the rest of the summer...That totally bummed me out. The other girl I'm living with is xxxx. xxxx is not a Christian and she's still in the whole club scene, it's common for her to come home at 4am or to call xxxx and say she's not coming home at all.

It's pretty sad, and xxxx doesn't speak much English at all past introductions. She also works a lot so I haven't really been able to connect with her much. But yesterday was AWESOME. So xxxx's mom teaches me Bulgarian. At the end of every lesson she has me read a few pages of a children's book. Yesterday when I got done reading she told me I didn't mess up at all and asked me if I had been reading the paper or something.

Well, I had been reading the gospel of John to Cvete cause she helped me with words, so before xxxx got on her train she gave me her Gospel of John and had written in it. And xxxx's mom speaks no English so I pulled it out and said I've been reading this. She smiled, opened it and had me read the first chapter to her!! Who would have thought the first time xxxx's mom would hear the Bible is me reading it to her like a first grader?! Then she told me for homework to practice the 2nd chapter and she'll dictate parts of it to me to write down tomorrow. So Bulgarian just got better. Learning the language is like a roller coaster, some days you feel like wow, i've learned so much, and other days you just feel like you're wasting your time. But it's worth it when you see how excited people get to hear you speak their language.

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