Sunday, June 08, 2008


1) The unity and togetherness of the whole church this morning after The News was unleashed... It's a joy to be part of this local church

2) Preaching the Gospel at St Georges on thursday evening. When the nerves turn to a buzzing in my stomach as i stand up. Can i do this forver?

3) Goodbyes. 'thanks for always inspiring me to preach the Gospel Ed'

4) What Tommy thinks. It's nice to know, sometimes, that your quiet thoughts aren't lonely ones

5) Eric and Josh on the Bible, along with, well, more or less all of 'when i don't desire God on the marriage of the Bible and prayer

6) Creation to Noah with Josh. 'I never do it like this, normally we do 20 verses and i have questions in front of me, so this might be a total disaster' It wasn't though. And why are they naked at the end?

7) Acts 14 on Calvinism and Arminianism. I can never tell how it's going when i'm talking, but i thought this went pretty badly. At one point i nearly left, nevermind anyone else! I was overwhelmingly wrong judging by the feedback i had though.

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dave bish said...

Happy days.