Friday, June 13, 2008

'one word from God, and galaxies come into being'

I think this is probably the best promo for...anything...i've ever seen. Not just because of Sinclair Fergusons lilting tones or Paul Tripps nifty facial hair, or the incredible music of the neccesirty of the message...but all of it.

One word from God...ONE WORD and galaxies are created, one word and and all the is around us is made. The Lord up holds the universe by the power of His Word.

I wonder how long the drive from eastern North Carolina is to Minnesota. A long way i'd guess...


Tom said...

I really liked that video. Had some colour to it.

I though that the guy who said that most theological error comes from reductionism, was right on the money.

I suppose it is also possible to take the power of words too far - IE. The simple gospel /gospel only preaching approach or posititive confession / word of faith theology are both examples of a biblically mistaken view of words, too high a view, rather than too low.

Anonymous said...

Now you know why correct English (French) describes moustaches (plural) not moustache (singular). That is one heavy upper lip growth from Mr Tripp.