Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Heinz advert

Now, correct me if i'm wrong, but i'm not sure this advert 'pushes gay marriage' as some websites have declared. Surely the point is 'our filling tastes so good that your sandwiches will taste like they've been made by a generic New York deli worker.' (yeh, thats why i'm not in advertising). Or am i being naive? What do you think?

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Paul said...

If anything, I'd have expected the pro-gay crowd to be more angry at this. Looks to me like they're having a little friendly dig at how silly it is (if anything).

And it isn't specifically gay marriage, it would make as much sense with civil partnerships, which are legal in Britain, in contradiction to what those Americans may say.

If American Christians write petitions every time something which shows the absurdity of gay marriage, and try to ban it, they'll lose the battle quicker than they think.