Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Seven

There are a lot of reasons why i like are seven of them.

1) Slow, unhurried time with the Lord.
A while ago i decided to get up earlier so i could spend more time praying. It seems that no matter how early i start, i only just feel like i've got going when it's time to leap in the car and hotfoot it to London Street. Monday mornings aren't like that.

2) Reading time.
Not tired end of the day reading, but slow considered time with a book. I've not had much today mind.

3) Domesticity.
The washing and hanging out of clothes is not an exciting venture, yet there's something so simple and almost comforting about it. Likewise food shopping. I get to do that on Mondays.

4) Lots of time with Rachel.
On the way to work, at lunchtime and in her way home. Normall i'm worn out by the time she's done with working. Not on Mondays!

5) It's a long time till Sunday.
We've so far encountered no crises leading up to sunday, no ones loosing sleep over run orders or dvd lengths, sermon prep time isn't yet slipping though our fingers. Lovely.

6) Sunday was only yesterday.
Time to sit and reflect, to enjoy what was preached, to hum the songs still in your head. Time to rest and consider.

7) Last night's Top Gear on the iPlayer.
'i can only assume at some point there's going to be a horrible accident.

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