Thursday, July 17, 2008

This American Life

Last night after church i came home and took off my trousers and put on shorts, Rachel took off her shorts and put on trousers. And so the cultural divide is summed up.

It is Hot. I'm giving it a capital letter... Yesterday i remarked how pleasant it seemed in the was it topped at about 93F, thats 34C. Hot. if you stand still for long enough it feels like someones pointing a hairdryer in your face. Hot. But at least it feels like summer. And it means i don't need to pay for the gas to be connected in my apartment!

I must've driven about a hundred miles so far. I'm doing ok, as long as i feel like i'm doing the wrong thing i know i'm doing the right thing. American roads are wide, straight and empty...automatics are easy to's just all my instincts are wrong. But it's going ok. I managed to get to Greenville on my own pretty successfully today. They even had Coldplay on the radio. I saw a chain gang for the first time though, which was...upsetting.

One last thing, today we were in Kinston and we walk past a cafe that still had segregation! Can you imagine that? In 2008, they still have a room for white people and a room for black people. Isn't that awful?

A week in things are going good. I taught the College sunday school class last sunday, i'm teaching the senior high class this week, and preaching a week on Wednesday. A week in, things are sweet, praise the Lord!


dave bish said...

I'm glad you're still typing in real English though. Waking up to

"Last night after church i came home and took off my pants..."

would have been too much information...

FloydTheBarber said...

i've tried to say pants a couple of's just wrong!

Sean Green said...

Blow the english!!! I was wondering whether you were both in the same room when changing pants / trousers etc ... but then I rembered who it was that was blogging and them my pulse returned to a steady 56!

keep telling us day to day observations - it is compelling reading!