Saturday, July 19, 2008


Today i:

Slept in really late by recent standards, i wasn't up and active till gone nine. It was nice.
Went to Blackbeards for breakfast, had two eggs over easy, grits, homefries and toast. It was good... and two of us ate well for under a fiver. Go small town America!

Went to Belk and Wallmart (twice) considered buying a 'have faith in America' bumper sticker, but then realised that many, many people would not longer talk to me if i did... Wallmart on a saturday is nothing short of overwhelming.

Sat in the shade and read some Spurgeon. He's actually really funny in some of his 'lectures to my students'. Great to be challenged by a voice from ages past. It was then that i realised i was finally getting used to the temperatures, as when the sun went in it became bearable to be out of the shade, even though it was still in the upper eighties, which is like, above thirty centigrade. There's a tropical storm blowing in now, which may scupper our evening volleyball plans...but such is life! And as everyone keeps saying, 'we need the rain.'

I'm off to Charleston, West Virginia until the end of the week tomorrow afternoon, so blogging might be limited/non existent! Anyway, i must go and pack!

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