Friday, July 25, 2008

The Dark Knight

I continue to learn about American life. Apparently later, longer films don't have trailers before them and actually start at the billed time. So we missed the build up of expectation during the trailers and had to sit in the neck crick zone. But it was ok.

I really liked the film. The difficult questions with no answer:

can we settle for a hero who is less than perfect?
do we have any hope in ourselves?
can we only be saved by someone like us?
what affect does mayhem have on people?
what happens when we need to go beyond right and wrong?
can many lives be worth less than one?
how do you reach someone beyond reason?

Bale was a really good character. Deeper and darker, and i guess in that respect more real than in 'Begins'. I can't pick a flat performance, and i really liked Morgan Freeman and Gary Oldman. And so to Heath Ledger. Crumbs. An In Utero style performance. I'm not sure that Hollywood has ever come up with a bad guy so unique, so different, so hard, or indeed impossible, to reach. When people have nothing, and indeed want nothing can they be open to reason? It seems not. Heath Ledger was so good, so engaging, so worrying, so fearsome. At times very difficult to watch.

It's an excellent film. I can't get passed how good the Joker was. Was the film more about him than Batman, certainly given what happened after filming closed, it's difficult to get away from that question...

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