Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gene Robinson and the Bible

I always wondered whether the reports on the split in the Anglican Communion was missing the point.

Was it about the role of women? Or homosexuals? Or is there something more important behind it? The role of scripture in the life of the church. Gene Robinson, Bishop of New Hampshire says:

His point seems to be that God is always revealing more of Himself to us. That though the Canon is closed, that's not all we are to expect. Although he says that he doesn't think that God changes, i can't see how he could feel that God doesn't change if He revealed one thing in scripture but then changes that revelation as (coincidentally) culture changes. Or is it that God speaks today through and in accordance with His Word. Not because Evangelicals have bound Him by it, but because that is how He has decided to do it.

This view of scripture is so sad to me. There's so much glory and greatness in scripture. So much bread to be feasted upon. Perhaps this is a rich thing to say to a Bishop (but perhaps not), but anyone who describes the Bible as 'static' perhaps needs to spend more time reading it. And is God restricted by the Bible? NO! He is revealed through it. And who is Jesus? The Word of God! Come on Gene! See the bigger picture, enjoy the Lord as He has chosen to reveal Himself. Commune with Jesus as the Word. Get to know Him in scripture. Worship God as He would be worshipped. And trust the Book. Yes, the Book, with words and sentences and participles and propositions. With laws and commands and demands. Trust the Book, save the world.

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