Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Questions for new believers

Justin Childers has very helpfully posted John Bunyan's list of questions to ask new believers. And old ones too come to that;

Do these things characterize your life?

1. Are you burdened with your sin, recognizing it as an exceedingly bitter thing?
2. Do you run from your sin as you would a deadly serpent?
3. Do you recognize and flee from the insufficiency of your own righteousness in the sight of God.
4. Do you cry to the Lord Jesus to save you?
5. Do you see more worth and merit in one drop of Christ's blood to save you, than in all the sins of the world to condemn you?
6. Are you tender of sinning against Jesus?
7. Is Jesus' name, person, and undertakings more precious to you than the glory of the world?
8. Is faith in Christ precious to you (as a means to connect you to Christ)?
9. Do you savor Christ in his Word, and do you leave all the world for his sake?
10. Are you willing (with God's help) to run in harm's way for his name?
11. Are his saints precious to you?


Paul said...

Nice list.

They do fairly represent the Christian life.

But then I read that list and to every one I go "Yes, but not as much as I ought". Both new and old believers need to realise that that isn't a problem.

Tom said...

Clever, direct, awesome, challenging, pietistic, insular and individualistic.

Where is the concern for widows and orphans? The poor? The lost? The community?

Where is the Holy Spirit? Where is God the Father?

Where is the resurrection?

Otherwise - love it, thanks for sharing :)

FloydTheBarber said...

Good points Tom.

How about:

Are you burdened for the lost and the poor?
Do you see evidences of the fruit of the Spirit in your life?
Do you commune with the Father in love?
Is Jesus ressurection evidence of your hope for the future?

becci brown said...

Challenging stuff and yet I agree with Paul and Tom. New believers won't barely grasp half this stuff...and old believers neither. As for all the other stuff Tom mentioned, yeah, it's all a bit one track minded...

But challenging and thgouht provoking none the less.