Monday, July 14, 2008

Day One

Up at 0500...Off to Beaufort Community Hospital for 0600 to pray prior to an operation. Off to Blackbeards for breakfast (this was about 0730, it was already in the 70sF and climbing). In the office just before eight, staff meeting and sorting out my office, books, computer, cards, wycombe wanderers memorabilia.

Lunch in Vanceboro (not a destination town) with a Pastor and Kids worker from New Bern (the home of Pepsi). Inspiring scenes. "if it's not in that Book, i'm not preaching it". Pastors pastoring Pastors "go and read Titus brother" joint staff retreats planned.

Lunch took three hours, back to church, talking seminary, my first expenses cheque. Plenty of work to do, a year to plan by Friday. Home just after 1700.

Great to be in North Carolina, great to be back at work, great to know and believe the Gospel, great to know Jesus and be with people who know Him better than me...

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Scott said...

Liking the new clean looking site. Miss you being around buddy, but know that God has great things for you to achieve. TOAM was fantastic. I'm sure you will get a chance to listen into what Mark Driscoll had to say if you haven't already. Keep learning, loving and (b)logging.