Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dan and Becky

Today was the first day i really missed being at home. Today Dan and Becki got married. I love these guys, and i'm so happy that the Lord has bought them to this stage.

I don't remember exactly the first time i met Becki. She was our on guest on the Christianity Explored course that i was involved in during the summer term of my third year at Reading. Me, Nicola, Mandy Hoops and Hops made something of a dream team, and those long light evenings watching Becky being won for Christ are among some of my favourite moments at uni. I love nothing more than talking about the glorious Gospel of grace, and do that with good friends and with someone unsaved was a great way to spend those Monday evenings. Becky first responded to the Gospel at FrontEdge at Reading Family Church in may (i think 2005). I can still remember watching her go up to the front to pray and repent. I think i sat behind her in the meeting as well. It was great. Becky really catches a lot of what CU should be about. Introduced by CU members to a church where she was able to plug in and serve faithfully. It's been great watching her grow in the last couple of years. 

I also don't remember the first time i met Dan. He was the boyfriend that came to pick Becky up from Christianity Explored, which i liked a lot! I remember sitting next to him talking after a meeting one sunday, a few weeks after Becky got saved. I can't remember what i said but the gist was 'the Gospel's true so hurry up and get saved'. Ah, such apologetic flair! That wednesday by the time we arrived for Cell group at Scott's house, he had 'prayed the prayer' and was joyfully added to our number. It was a joy to serve alongside Dan on the set up team. He is one of the most genuine and funny guys i've ever known. I've already shared that the SUPA team was more about the fellowship than the chairs for me, and Dan was a key part of that. I was never anything other than encouraged by our time together. He's a top guy.

Guys if you read this, i miss you, it's a joy to call you my brother and sister, and i wish you all the Christ exalting marriage happiness in the world. 

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