Sunday, February 24, 2008


Mission week: Realising the Gospel is the best news ever. Seriously. It's so good we almost daren't believe it. I want to stand with Edwards who said 'if anyone ever disproves this Gospel, he should sit and weep, because all hope is gone.

Church: Jonah 4. The grace of God towards Gentiles, the grace of God towards Jonah. Jonah does not come off well in this book...which only serves to paint a bigger picture of God's glory being in His grace.

Family: great to spend the day with my Dad and Grandad yesterday going to football. Even better because we won, but apart from that it's just a great thing to have three generations together for a day.

Facebook: Groups like this reminding me that people still hate/are scared of the Gospel. Shows we're doing something right though. We must preach on.

John: One day i will love the Son with the love that the Father has for Him. Pure, undefiled, white hot love that will never fade, only grow.

Rachel: here in five days!

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thebluefish said...

Jonah 4 ! Looking fwd to that download.