Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RUCU Mission day 3

Wednesday is definately the longest day of a mission week. Definately the day i feel the lowest, after the excitement of the first few days has worn off, and tiredness and discouragement have kicked in... But today was good, and this afternoon and evening in particular was very encouraging.

Todays lunchbar was on the topic of 'Is Christianity western?' and given by Sanju, a CU guest from Bangalore. We managed to get a room much bigger than the one we'd originally been given at late notice which was really good. We had about 50 people there, and probably twenty guests, most of whom were internationals. And i had my first conversation of the week with a non Christian, Luke, who used to go to church until he got into Physics. Why does no one ever lose their faith when they start studying history? Those people i could i help! But we had a good chat, and he came back to the evening event, which was really encouraging.

After lunch Andy, Dan and i took the question board' (a sheet of perspex with the evenings question on it) out onto campus to get people's opinions, hand out flyers and talk to people. This went really well, even though it was wednesday afternoon so most people were playing sport, we still had some interesting responses and good conversations.

I can't say much about the evening talk. Michael was speaking on 'can a loving God judge us', and during the talk about half a dozen of us went outside to pray for what was going on inside. But there did look to be maybe 25-30 guests there, which is very cool. Things are on the up!

Please pray for:
Tomorrows events, the evening talk is called something like 'how can a righteous God kill His Son'
For good rest for all the CU guests
For Michaels good health
For all the non Christians who have heard the Gospel today, especially the internationals at the lunchbar and Luke.
For even more guests tomorrow

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