Thursday, February 21, 2008

RUCU Mission day 4

Today was good. At a packed lunchbar (so full that about twenty Christians were left outside to pray, and many more at the door) heard the story of how Tracy Trinita, Indonesia's first super model came to know Jesus, and what it's meant for her. I wasn't in the talk but apparently it went really well, and the Gospel was clearly preached.

This evening Michael Ramsden, who finally appears to be shaking off pnuemonia and bronchitis spoke on the topic of 'is the cross bloodthirsty' taking us through violence, and justice, and what it means for God to be just. I had a really good conversation with Rachel, a non Christian who works for RSSL on campus. Numbers were really good as well. So it's been an encouraging day.

Please pray for:
Rachel, that she'd come to know God as revelaed through Jesus
Hearts of damp soil to recieve what was spoken about tonight
Strength and grace for the CU and the team, as we come to the last day
People to be saved, people to sign up for follow up, people to come to the events tomorrow.

And praise God that the Gospel is true!

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