Monday, February 18, 2008

Reading Mission day 1

Coming to the end of the first day of RUCU's mission week. It's been a good start with about 20-30 people coming to the first lunchtime event, a grill-a-Christian with people texting their questions in. The evening event entitled 'who is God' had around 40-50 people in to hear Michael Ramsden speak.

Here at Bridges ahll we've just had a successful pancake evening with perhaps 10 non Christian guests and lots of very good conversations. I gave my testimony, and spoke without notes for the first time which is not something i'll be in a hurry to repeat! It seemed to go well though.

Please pray for:
Jake, a non Christian with plenty of good questions
Me, Lara, Josh and Toby, the CUGs in Bridges
Michaels health
Students to be involved and encouraged with whats going on.
For the events tomorrow, an ex SAS soldier giving his testimony, and Michael speaking on 'how can there be only one way to God'

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Little Mo said...

Keep it coming Ed - will pray for these things.