Tuesday, February 19, 2008

RUCU Mission Day 2

'whats your impression of the week so far Josh?'

'well...i think Reading students are very apathetic, but the CU's working hard'

And there you have it i guess...two CUGs putting the world to rights walking home through the freezing night air. Mission week is hard here this year. I don't know if it's because i used to be so involved here and now i'm not but students just seem less engaged with life than before. I think thats probably the case. It's easy for us and the CU to be wondering whether we've missed something huge, but i really don't think we have. I just think we're living in a pre exile Judah environment where all we can do is preach and pray. But thats ok.

That said today's lunchbar with former SAS man turned Christian Mark was a great success, to the extent that Christianshad to leave the room to make room for all the non Christians who wanted to come. So we sat outside and prayd, which was pretty cool. Tonight Michael Ramsden was speaking on the suject of exclusivity, to an audience of about 50-60 with about 15 non Christians, whilst a varity of events were taking place in halls. Hopefully we'll see more fruit from that.

Please pray for:
Michaels health and good rest
the CU to remain steadfast and faithful in the face of a wall of apathy
Jake to come to tomorrow evenings event as he promised
The salsa dance workshop tomorrow afternoon
CU members to be brave in inviting their friends
People to be saved!

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