Saturday, February 23, 2008

RUCU Mission day 5

It's friday...push on through, push on through. If mission week started slowly it definately reached a crescendo by the end. A well attended grill a Christian at lunch time sawe yours truly drop in some Piperan theology, as well as wisely adding that i'd never seen horses discussing politics. What would they have done without me!?

In the evening Michael spoke on the topic of meaning, which, as you can imagine was very compelling and thought provoking. The blue rooms were packed, with even the rival attraction of the Students Union results in Mojos not pulling many away. It was a great way to end the week, and dozens of people have shown an interest in the follow up Christianity Explored course, which runs on Monday and Thursday until the end of term.

Please pray for:

Follow up, that me and Jamie would run it faithfully, and that people would come
For the CU to continue what they've started
For people who heard the Gospel for the first time not to forget it
And for CU members to continue to be brave in friendship evangelism even after the end of mission week.

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