Friday, September 08, 2006

Radio friendly unit shifter

So, i really really want to go to bed. Man, leaving somewhere at 1424 and not getting home until 2124 is hard work. Although me and drew and annie had top times in the car, and it was lovely to catch up with annie as we drove across the southern tip of the cotwolds wondering where Reading was.
Relay 1 was amazing. I've got so much i want to write about. And then i get home and i've got an email from Surrey's international sec asking me to speak at their thing in freshers week, admittedly on a subject i know nothing about, but hey! I also got a text from Kate that i really didn't understand, i should probably call her tomorrow! Relay 1 was so special. Those people who were just names on a list a few weeks ago are now like my family. Seriously. There were golden moments on sunday afternoon as we all chilled out together waiting for the onset of 400 students the next day. 80 people who hadn't known eachother a week ago now totally relaxed in eachother's company (have you ever played Big Booty? then you'll know what i mean). I can't believe it'll be January before we're all together again. Although i'll see quite a few people before then at Team Days, UniS Freshers Week and more Team Days.
There is nothing more precious than grace. No one thing more important. No person greater than Jesus. Also, if you ever get a chance to to hear Mike Reeves preach, do it! I love theology at the best of times, but he told us of the Cross with such breathless excitiment it was hard not to be on the edge of your seat.
Forum was also cool. Rico and Danno were top notch, both of them preching like whirlwinds, both of them in their own way, both of them so inspired. And it was an honour and such a challenge to hear.


Jonny:) said...

Dude good to hear you had a great time!

Hope its going to be a magnificant year for you

God bless

Richard Walker said...

Glad to hear you're being exposed to the Reevester!!

He's one of the Glorious Trinity in the OT boys!! Next time you see him, make sure you ask him about it!! As a foretaste, check out his Ezekiel 18 sermon in the All Souls sermon archive: