Monday, August 28, 2006

Where did you sleep last night

Here's some cool blogs to read:

Cat Hare (she's off of Surrey. Surrey people are cool)
Anna Hopkins (she's going to Holland. How exciting)
Nicola Abram (she blogs in lists. But they're good lists)
Mandy Morgan (rare but weighty[her blog not her])
Tom Price (he's in america)
Becci Brown (she lives down the road)


Anna said...

I like this list, it made me smile. Lots of people saying lots of good things about God.


Enjoy Relay dude

nicolalouise said...

i can't help the list, that's just how it happens! God teaches me in lists. take it up with him.

FloydTheBarber said...

i said they were good lists!

frostyhollow said...

thanks for the distinction there! wouldnt want people getting the wrong idea!