Friday, September 15, 2006

Now it does

Just got back from three days of 'Team Days' in Reading, where all the south-east staff and Relay get together and hang out, learn stuff, pray and eat other people's food for a while. It's pretty cool. It was weird, or even actually a little bit hard to be back in Reading so soon after leaving properly on sunday (and i'm back there tomorrow! but thats cool!) but it was great to see some well known faces, some less well known faces, and some other faces again so soon after Forum. Having said that, i'll be pleased when i climb aboard the number three bus on monday morning and say 'umm, campus please mate' and go and see some students. Having said THAT, having some time off at the end of next week will be very nice.

Next week i start my core study module, the first bit being studying the reasons behind studying theology itself, which'll be pretty cool. I think thats what it is anyway! Then on monday it's the start of Surrey's freshers week, with Ben Carswell doing some talks, i'm looking forward to that.

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It's great doing Relay, if a little overwheling and scary sometimes. I still haven't really got used to the idea that my actual job is so focussed around the Bible, and weel, Jesus. I'm really challenged to make sure that time off from Relay is not time off from God, i hope/think it won't be.

*stir it up in my heart*

i might blog something worthwhile later when i've unpacked/eaten/thoght of something!

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