Monday, September 11, 2006


Resolved: To daily live in and embrace the truth of Acts 20:24, Psalm 63:3 and Philippians 1:21

Resolved: Remembering that nowhere this side of Heaven is really home, to live in Guildford with all my heart while i live here.

Resolved: To read the Bible and pray for a time every day, regardless of how busy or tired i get.

Resolved: To remember that while books by Carson, Piper, Grudem etc are great, there's nothing to replace the Bible in terms of importance.

Resolved: To remember that no matter how many people i read with, how many talks i do, how many people commend me, i am who i am before God, and nothing more.

Resolved: To never talk about anything other than a gospel of grace when i meet with students.

Resolved: To serve my new church as if i was going to be there for the rest of my life.

Resolved: Bearing in mind that the times when i'm in the greatest danger of conscious sinning is when i'm bored, to do everything i can not to get bored.

Resolved: To live by faith in God's promises, and in constant gratitude for the Cross.

Resolved: To count it all as joy.

Resolved: To consciously spend more time persuing knowledge of God, but never to persue it for its own sake.

Resolved: To never turn down an oppotunity to talk about Jesus due to laziness, fear, or a feeling of unworthiness.

*well we share a name*


notsobigtum said...

Has someone been reading our father in the faith old Jonathan Edwards?

thebluefish said...

...that gives us a decent foundation for accountability this year then...

drew said...

loving the thom yorke comment in 365-good vibes man! glad guilford's relayer is enjoying his work. god bless big guy

Timmy C said...

quality stuff Ed, thanks for sharing it :) how's you btw??