Saturday, September 16, 2006

Week one

So this is what my first full Quinta-less week of Relay has looked like:

Saturday: Day off. Football. Very nice.

Sunday: Day off. Left Fam and moved to Guildford.

Monday: Day off. Sat and read in the sunshine

Tuesday: Day off. Football. Very nice

Wednesday: Team days

Thursday: Team Days

Friday: Team days and an afternoon on the M25

Saturday: *Fresh @ Reading Uni for new students.

So if i've had four days off in the last eight...why am i so tired!?

1 comment:

thebluefish said...

cos u've worked 15 of the last 19... which is never going to happen again in the next 9.5 months.

Take it easy this week, seriously - even though it is freshers week!