Monday, September 11, 2006

London bridge

Two new Relays have recently joined the blogosphere


Theology John


thebluefish said...

Oddly Screech has the same address, plus an "s" as last year's Relay Sarah Brown...

mwiggins said...

Thank you for the warm welcome to the Blogosphere Ed, hopefully my blog will be effective at keeping both old friends and new, informed about what im upto over the coming year. Take care dude

TheologyJohn said...

Thanks mate for advertising my beautiful blog. Thanks also for yours - it seems to have lots of great thoughts and suchlike, (even if you're maybe a tad more Piperite than I would like:D)

One thing though - you spelt my last name wrong in your links thing. :) It's not an L, it's an I. Ie the first letter of ie.

Yours sleepily,

Theology John