Sunday, September 24, 2006


I've just got some random thoughs on Mark 10:17-22.

Why did the man come to Jesus?
What made Jesus look attrative to Jesus? Why was it that the rich man came to Jesus and addressed Him as 'good'? What made him think that Jesus could tell him how to inherit eternal life? Perhaps he'd heard of the signs and wonders that Jesus was doing, much the same as the friends of the paralytic who lowered him through the roof. Perhaps he'd heard of Jesus's teaching and wanted to try them out for Himself. He clearly had some confidence in his own religiousness, as demonstrated by verse 20. Was it just then that he wanted to hear himself justified so that he could be happy with himself. Whatever the reason, it's worth considering why no one is asking us these questions. Why no one enquires of us how to inherit eternal life. Now obviously there's a huge differences between the way that Jesus lived and behaved and was probably attractive to people and the way that we live and behave. And maybe thats the problem. That too often we unwittingly present Christianity as just one option of many, of just as a lifestyle choice. Perhaps the answer is exactly the opposite to this. That Jesus told the truth, endlessly, and that the truth was irresistably attractive and completly cohesive. And maybe thats why the man came to Jesus. Because he'd heard of his teaching, and it's glory and truth and wonder. Now, we can do that can't we? I know i've largely ignored the question of whether the man was simply looking for ego boosting self assurance, but even if he was, even if people are today, he still sought it from Jesus.

We can't save ourselves.
Jesus asked this guy to do one thing. And he couldn't do it. I really believe that if just one person ever could justify themselves, be righteous apart from the imputed righteousness of Christ the Jesus would never have had to die on the cross. There is nothing that we can do to save ourselves. Even if Jesus asked us to do one thing, we wouldn't be able to do that. So we must look to Him and have faith in His life, death and ressurection, because thats our only hope...

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