Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Week On

So last week i posted about how i felt the Lord challenging me to get to know Him better. Actually, challenging is the wrong word. Calling maybe. I've loved this week. I've had the time to sit and reflect, to be in the word. Its been great. One vital resource that i've discovered this week which i thank God for is John Piper's website which has proved invaluable, particulaly the sermons on killing sin, and on blaspheming the Holy Spirit. I was really convincted of what a dangerous game i'd been playing recently, and i thank God for pulling me out of it.
So, i've learnt that you really can't live the Christian life relying on coporate activity. Yeh, its great, i love it and miss it, but God wants me on my own as well. Which is amazing. And great.

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