Tuesday, August 16, 2005

How Great is Our God

We sung this at church on sunday. It's definately one of my favourite worship songs at the moment (if thats not entirely the wrong attitude to take), and Dave, the guy leading the congregation asked us to put into words what we felt when we sung the chorus. There were some great responses from people, 'thunder and lightening', 'security' 'love' etc. But what one member of the worship team said really struck me. She said that she could not put into word's what she felt when she sung the chorus. That it just made her want to explode. It made her want to go outside and tell everyone about how great our God is.
I could not agree more.
Our God is a God who defies human definition. Of course He is. One can not define the the infinate with the finate. It can not be done. Of course, we know about His charecter, and that He can not act outside of His charecter, but all the words we use will never ever come close to 'defining' Him, or doing Him justice. And i love that. Oh the infinate wonders of our God. The beauties, and mercies and love that we will never comprehend.
I too want to explode. I want to be reflecting the Lord's light in dark places. I want to bring many people to salvation by pointing them to Jesus. I want to help, to encourage, to glorify God. I need the perseverance to keep persuing the Lord, to find what He's got for me, because what He's got for me is perfect...

Just as an aside, i want to record two things the Lord said to me this morning. I was blown away by His presence when i was praying, a feeling i do not have enough.
1. I need to keep my heart open. I will spend more time in Bulgaria, but in the Lord's time, not mine. Don't worry about it. Seek first the Kingdom.
2. Don't worry about Maria. God's got it all sorted.

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