Friday, August 05, 2005

Back on the road

So Sunday morning i'm off again, up the M6 to Nantwich, to work alongside Fleet Baptist Church for a week. It will mean that i won't have been to church for, i think three weeks, by the time next sunday comes around, which for me is a very long time. In fact it may the longest gap i've had since getting saved in 2002...
The last couple of days at home have been funny. I feel close to the Lord, thankful to Him for all He has done in Bulgaria, and for getting me home safely. I've been praying into next week, that God would move in the lives of the children that i teach, and in the life of one of the team members, who it not a Christian, that the other four of us would have really positive impact on her life.
I used to love being at home. I used to think that my life would always be based around High Wycombe, now i know it won't be. I'm very excited about what my future holds in the Lord, i thank God that He's giving me another chance to grow so soon after Bulgaria. Nothing beats telling people the Gospel day in day out, i love it. I hope my life is always like this, never in one place for too long, constantly working for the Kingdom wherever it takes me. The harvest is plentiful, but the workers few. I pray i am always willing to be a worker.
I love the life that Jesus has given me. I recognise that fact that it is not mine, and i don't deserve it, but i love it all the same. Sure, its not always easy, but there's work to be done.

Its an honour to do it...

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