Sunday, September 11, 2005

It's been a while!

Just got back from Forum 2005. Fantastic week. Terry Virgo was the main speaker on Romans 1,5-7. Amazing. We're free from sin, we're dead to it. It's not an exhortation, its a command. I am so encouraged. Changed. I thought Forum was excellent. Well done UCCF! I am thoroughly refreshed and ready to go. I can't wait for Freshers Week now. Please pray for us as we go out into campus to find and make new disciples of Jesus Christ...
I'd love to say that i've not blogged for a while because of my hectic and varied lifestyle over the summer. But that would be a mistruth. I've just been too lazy, haven't really felt like i've had too much to say. As i earlier intimated i've just been chilling out with God. Man its been good, He is a stream that never runs dry, and i love it! The best thing about Forum for me was being soaked in God's word all day. It was also great to realise that RUCU is part of something so much bigger, with regards to not only UCCF but the IFES movement as well. It really excites me to think of us standing shoulder to shoulder with brothers and sisters all over the world, with the same committment and vision. Excellent! I really do think God is calling me to serve him in Bulgaria, probably through the Relay Homestart programme. I'm still feeling such a passion for that place at the moment. I would have given anything to be in Bugas or Sofia yesterday as the students returned to Uni, flyering, encouraging and doing what i could to bring glory to God, and to help people. One day i will be, i really feel that in my heart.
As for now i've got until February as Chairman of RUCU. I really pray that i will do all i can in this post in the next few months to glorify His name, and to look after people. I really feel the responsibility towards the freshers at the moment, remembering how looked up to Lev and Rach in my first year. I pray that i would be and do all that the LORD wants me to this term and year.
So, that was summer. Book ended by excellent weeks at Cornhill and Forum. Amazing filled by Bulgaria. What a time i've had. Praise the Lord! I hope that i'll take what i've learnt into the rest of this year, and the rest of my life. That i'll be braver for the Lord, and less happy with my own sin. Not content with second best.
Ah man, roll on this year. I really feel that God's got some excellent plans for RUCU, and for the churches in Reading. I hope that i will serve Him in every way that i can. I hope i discover what He's got for me, by seeking first the kingdom.

Bring it on!

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Amen, brother