Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Joy of Prayer

Man, Nantwich was hard. By the time it had got to thursday, and definately friday, i was finished, nothing left to give, a wreck! You get the picture. It was great though. Really good fun to be working with some younger guys for a while. The group i was in ranged in age between 11-14, and some were very mature in their faith. I can only hope that i was some use in pointing them towards Jesus for the rest of their lives. It did also confirm to me that my calling is to work with students. Much as i love children and enjoyed our time together, i just find helping out a slightly older age group, more natural i suppose.

So as i said, by the of the week i was getting very tired, and as a result of that, i suppose, the amount of quality time i spent with God each day fell down. Ironic and typical of my shambolic fallen nature that i should turn my back on the very thing that would cure my problems! And so to tonight. I've never been a big fan of prayer models, things like A.C.T.S (i can't even remember what it all stands for now) and the like. I've always found that prayer, and in turn worship is more powerful when it is spontaneous, it sure was tonight. Tonight was like having a chat with my father. It was as it should be. I don't mean to sound irreverential, if thats even a word, but it was so nice after a few dry days to be with Jesus again, to lay it all before Him, to seek Him and be honest, just to chill with God and have Him speak into my heart. I was again given the picture of being tied up somehow with Bulgaria, that He might have a future for me there. I know i said recently that i didn't think i was called to a particular country or area, but i'm now reassesing that claim, although trying to take into account my feelings for Bulgaria may be mixed up with my feelings for the people i know there...anyway.

So i suppose this wasn't really about the joy of prayer. Prayer is a joy tho', it is the best thing we can ever do. We were created for worship, lets go worship. Ipray that i will dedicate more of my day to the Lord, and seek Him more wholeheartedly.

There really is a fullness of joy in His presence...

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