Friday, August 19, 2005

We're wondering what you're thinking Arthur Nix

Peace and quiet! My mum and sister and mum's parents have gone on holiday, my dad's at a meeting, the dog's asleep. For much of the next 7 days, there'll just be me and the dog here. Lovely. Not that i'm anti social, or that i don't love my family, cos neither of things are true, but man, i do love the quiet!

My sister got her as results today, she got 5 A grades, which is pretty incredible for someone as out of touch reality as her! Also, given the consideration that she's been ill for most of the last 12 months with glandular fever, i have to doff my cap to her. I'm slightly worried that she managed to get 100% in english, i mean, how does one get 100% in an essay question subject? Honestly.

So the new Cursive album arrived today. I say new, its more an odds and sods collection from the last 10 years. The fact that these guys aren';t on the cover of Rock Sound every week is frankly a travesty. But then if they were on a label that pushed them like that they would never have been able to release an album like 'The Ugly Organ', mixing post hardcore with a cello and an organ. I mean, Sony/Columbia would never let a band do that, and musics all the poorer for it if you ask me. The one thing that worries me about this release is the fact that it may be the last from them. I mean, releasing a load of B-sides and unreleased stuff is often the portend for a split is it not. Still, Tim Kasher's side project 'The Good Life' should have another album i them at least. I ^heart^ Tim's voice. I mean, he can't sing exactly, which you would think would be a problem for the lead singer in a band, but this bunch, it kind of works... I'm probably going to see Million Dead play at the Oxford Zodiac in a few weeks, if i decide i can afford it/be bothered. I really should do. Listening to their new album and the Take Action Vol 3 CD from Sub City records has certainly helped me fall in love with the emo/hardcore scene again. I'm pleased. I'm also getting more into the whole american indie thing. Death Cab For Cutie anyone?

It's still a little bit weird being at home. I'm looking forward to getting to Forum, and then back to Uni, being back in the groove of things. I'm off to Reading tomorrow actually to see people/pay rent, so that'll be nice. It is hard being at home. I'm no legalist. I hate that whole thing, but i do love the work i do for the LORD. I mean, i know it doesn't make me a better Christian or anything, but it does seem to make it easier i suppose. And i miss telling people about the Good News of Jesus. I've also made, what i think is a big step in my battle with the thing i struggle with most. I prayed over my PC a couple of days ago (i should really do it every time i go online) and for while after that things were dandy. Now considering i spend 3-4 hours a day online at the moment, i'm exposing myself to temptation a lot more than i really should be, but we're getting there. I've felt a really sea change in my attitude towards it now. Before i was hungry for it, it was like i needed to fill a hole or something. Now, i don't want to do it at all, but sometimes i find myself in the midst of it. I just have to talk myself out of it, which is not hard. I know this seems like a small, and maybe superficial step, but i don't think it is.

That'll do i think. Laters.

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