Thursday, August 04, 2005


Slightly funny being back at home after 13 days away in Bulgaria. I feel odd, like i'm wasting my time, like there's more to be done. I feel sure i'll return to Bulgaria, a feeling that only really hit me as we drove through Sofia to the airport yesterday. Its funny to be sitting here in Bucks, and think of all my friends in Sofia, Studenski and Burgas. It feels strange to think of their lives, to think of how close i feel to them despite our brief time together. I feel stangely melancholic this morning.

God did some amazing things while we were in Bulgaria, both in my life, and in the lives of the guests on the camp. To see my room mate Ananyi come to a deeper understanding of what his faith really meant was a real highlight for me, to be part of what might turn out to be one of the most important conversations of his life is such an honour. It also hit me over and over what good news the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. How i didn't feel weary of it by the end of the camp, how it always made me smile as a shared it. How studying the Bible every morning for an hour really deepened my love for the Lord, and how God will work through us despite us, not because of us. I felt thoroughly refreshed every morning by the Gospel, something i can only thank God for, all the time.

Bulgaria is a great place, full of very warm people. Only slightly smaller than Britian, and yet with a population of under 8 million. Mile after mile of breathtaking scenery. As soon as my photos are on my desktop i'll stick some of the best ones on here, but i'm sure Bish, Kath and certainly Dave will beat me to it!

So what am i left with after 13 days away? In a material sense, 100 photos, a present from Maria, and a Levski Sofia scarf, but spiritually, much more than that.
A hunger to travel and spread the Good News of Jesus Christ
A love for Bulgaria and its people
An understanding that all my life will be spent, as Jesus tells His followers in Matthew 8:20 without a permanent earthly home.
I've realised that the more i tell the Gospel, the closer to God i feel, the better it becomes, the more i understand, the more i love my God.
As i mentioned earlier at home, i feel restless. I don't know why but, i just want to be abroad sharing the Gospel. Here i am Lord, send me...
Some people i know feel called, long term to a particular country, and i've always thought that was pretty cool. But for me, i just feel called to where ever the Kingdom's work is to be done. In three days time i'm off again, to help out with Fleet Baptist Church's summer camp. I can't wait. I mean Nantwhich is hardly Tarnovo, but to be on the road again, to be proclaiming the Good News. I can not wait.

I'll leave you with Psalm 27

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Kath said...

Nice one man, bouncy walks a go go and smiling at the thoughts of all God did with us out in Bulgy. Priviledged to have been part of it, and praising Him lots cos of His work in you... See ya at forum,