Saturday, August 16, 2008


1) My Dads been here all weekend which has been great. We've not done a great deal, but it's just nice to be on the same continent. And he bought British newsprint with him. No sign of broadcasting house sadly though.

2) Ceryn has started blogging again (some time ago by the look of it) Ring the bells and rejoice. She's on the money as ever as well. She makes me want to go and read the Bible.

3) Despite my positive comments about America earlier yesterday i came across a book called 'the south was right', which claimed that the Confederacy was a legal, sovereign state, the north was an aggressive occupier, and that the south has as much right to it's own land as the Baltic states in the USSR and Kosovo in Serbia. I've made arrangements to flee to Maine at the earliest possible opportunity.

4) Sitting on Bonner Point with Rachel listening to the gentle slosh and slap of the water. A perfect afternoon

5) 'You, Ed Goode, have been called to preach the Gospel'

6) Washington DC at night. The way the Lincoln Memorial lights up so his statue is the brightest part of the building, the statue platoon at the Korea Memorial, the changing of the guard at Arlington. Brilliant.

7) Finishing 'Joshua and the flow of Biblical history' by Shaeffer. Not because i've finished it but because of what a great book it was. He's so human, so engaged, he showed me so clearly the Gospel, the great Divine, humanity realizing Gospel from Joshua. There'll be at least a couple of posts about that during the week.

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