Monday, August 25, 2008

Disconnected Thoughts

It's funny the things that make you miss home. Seeing that London bus stop last night on the Olympic Closing Ceremony made me as homesick as little else has so far.

On that subject i gather there's been some sneering at London's contribution to the ceremony last night. Well for goodness sake...i thought it was excellent. It made me want to stand up and declare in a loud voice 'ladies and gentleman...this is MY country'

North Carolina public schools and universities went back today. Driving down Greenville Boulevard and seeing flocks of ECU students about the place made me incredibly jealous. Unis are the most exciting places in the world.

I'll get excited about more or less any sport at any level. This includes, it seems, under 14 girls volley ball. My first exposure to the North Carolina Christian Schools Athletic Association was last week, and i loved it.

Life is uncertain  sometimes...blogposts too.

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