Friday, August 01, 2008

On Cricket

One of the many cultural differences in the USA is the lack of cricket. No one talks about it, it's not on the news, every green space isn't taken up by pub and village teams in the summer's all about baseball here, which i'm getting into... I might follow the Baltimore Orioles, partly because they're named after a bird, which i like, and partly because they seem pretty hopeless.

I'm still able to follow the cricket via the BBC text service ably attended to by Ben Dirs and an army of text and email correspondents, one of whom came up with this gem earlier today:

"Vaughan so often seems to get our hopes up like this, only to let us down quick sharp - like when the prettiest girl in school beckons you round the back of the bike sheds only for it be a trap laid by the school bully (called Gunther maybe?) who is waiting to knock seven shades of snot out of you." 

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